Il pane di Sandro

Il pane di Sandro




A social project created to offer job opportunities to young people with disabilities and young people living in difficult social, economic and personal conditions.

From Friday 20 May 2022 “IL PANE DI SANDRO”, the new Cometa bakery, is open to the public in via Carso 67-69, Como.

Inaugurated on 18 May in the presence of the authorities and the protagonists of Cometa, Il Pane di Sandro is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, from 7.30am-6pm and on Sundays from 7.30am-1pm. It is possible to purchase handmade bakery and pastries made in the workshop by the young people of Cometa, led by master craftsmen.

The idea of ​​opening a new business was to extend Cometa’s educational possibilities in identifying new opportunities to promote the social integration and work placement of children living with disabilities and young people living in difficult social, economic and personal situations.

Dedicated to Sandro, a child who grew up with a heart open to the world and who describes that meeting us felt “like home”. One of those friends who in silence is by our side every day. Il Pane di Sandro is a place to meet and enjoy company, because Sandro can be found in the faces of Giovanna, Clarissa, Filippo, Antonio… of all those friends who are the daily bread that supports Cometa and whoever comes to visit us.

Il Pane di Sandro, like Anagramma Bar Bistro in Cernobbio and the For&From shop in Como, was born from a reality: the needs of many fragile young people and the difficulty of finding a job, in a moment made even more difficult by the consequences of a pandemic and now from war. The production of artisanal bakery products, in fact, began during the lockdown in order to not leave the girls and boys involved in Cometa’s catering business without work, which was abruptly interrupted due to the health emergency from Covid 19. Marco, head of Catering, and Antonio, master pastry chef, developed a recipe using quality flours and mother yeast, and a 2-day production cycle to respect the product’s natural leavening cycle.

“The idea of ​​this new adventure – says Erasmo Figini, one of the first to give life to the Cometa experience -, in a difficult moment like the one we are still experiencing, was born from the desire to start again, from what sustains everyday life. Putting our hearts into everything we do. What more than bread could support this beginning?”.

Thanks, above all, to the support of the San Zeno Foundation, it was possible to create this new business, a location furnished by Contrada degli Artigiani thanks to the guidance of Erasmo Figini. Il Pane di Sandro is located near the oratory of San Giuseppe, in rooms previously used as a restaurant and is designed as a place of conviviality to encourage people to meet again in a moment where the sharing of “daily bread” is essential and that of a friendship offered to all, to be together every day.


This is a reality carried out with great courage, solidarity and sacrifices. A community that seeks solutions and continues to strive forward. A city within a city. And here, there is always the possibility of facing reality and finding solutions even to difficult problems such as individualism, work, or support for disability” – Alessandro Fermi, President of the Regional Council.

Wednesday 18 May is an important day because we have inaugurated a precious project for our territory, capable of enhancing the skills of people with disabilities. Work represents an important factor of social recognition and guaranteeing work inclusion paths for the most vulnerable people, pursuing the objectives of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, means giving them the opportunity to undertake an increasingly autonomous and independent life path.” – Alessandra Locatelli, Regional Councilor for Social Policies.

There are people who have the courage to reinvent themselves and to put themselves forward again and again, even when there are difficult and demanding situations, but creativity must be developed and if someone says it is impossible, then it is the impossible that will be done“.  – Monsignor Oscar Cantoni.




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