BILT Bridging Events are organized consecutively in each of the focus regions of BILT and hosted by a UNEVOC Centre that is an active networking node for TVET stakeholders in the region and beyond. The 2024-25 cycle of Bridging Events kicks off with the conference in Europe, hosted by La Cometa Società Cooperativa Sociale.

The BILT Bridging Event: Towards inclusive excellence in TVET provides a platform for international policy learning, knowledge exchange, innovation transfer and networking among TVET policy makers, practitioners and researchers. The event takes lessons from Europe as a starting point for interregional discussion and collaboration on future-oriented TVET systems and TVET delivery.


The BILT Bridging Event aims to:

Promote policy learning between TVET stakeholders in Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific and focus on

  • Discussing policy approaches to inclusive excellence;
  • Re-orienting current TVET policy towards inclusion and excellence and promoting TVET as an attractive career path.

Support peer learning among BILT community members on concrete innovative approaches to

  • Foster international collaboration between TVET institutions striving for inclusive excellence in TVET delivery and TVET research;
  • Implement inclusive TVET, integrating migrants and disadvantaged youth, and targeting NEETs (persons not in employment, education or training).

Invite the TVET community in Europe and beyond to collaborate with BILT

  • In the context of the sectoral BILT Expert Groups on new qualifications and competencies in building and construction (new in 2024–2025) and in hospitality and tourism (continued from 2023);
  • As contributors of transferable Innovation and Learning Practices (ILPs), or partners for future BILT events.

Target group

In-person participants and speakers (by invitation):

  • TVET decision makers and TVET research agencies advising policymakers;
  • TVET experts from UNEVOC Centres and from international organizations;
  • Selected members of the BILT Expert Groups;
  • Subject matter experts o on the focus sectors or the focus themes; and
  • Private sector representatives, associations, and unions.

Online participants:

  • TVET experts and stakeholders from ministries, national bodies, TVET providers and research institutes;
  • Private sector representatives; and
  • TVET teachers and trainers.

Conference outline

22 April 2024 – Promoting inclusive excellence

  • Keynote and discussions with policy-makers, industry partners, and TVET role models from Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific on the intersection of ‘excellence’ and ‘inclusion’ and how inclusion contributes to overall excellence.
  • Breakout sessions to deepen the exchange between high-level speakers and the BILT community on the central challenges addressed in the keynotes.
  • On-site: A study visit to the HOLCIM cement production unit in Merone (CO) offers participants a practical insight into the construction sector and an opportunity to discuss the transformation of skills needs towards a green and digital construction industry.
23 April 2024 – Collaborating for TVET excellence
  • Networking sessions are organized to strengthen cooperation and thematic exchange among UNEVOC Centres and TVET institutions present at the event.
  • Panel discussions and Q&A time to introduce different networks for excellence in TVET and to explore interregional cooperation and funding opportunities.
  • Closed-door working session of the BILT Expert Group on new qualifications and competencies in the building and construction sector.
24 April 2024 – Empowering learners at risk of exclusion through TVET
  • Hybrid Learning Lab with a focus on inclusive TVET approaches in the hospitality and tourism sector.
  • Live demonstrations to showcase European innovation and excellence in TVET.
  • UNEVOC Network meeting for UNEVOC Centres.