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David Brooks, giornalista acuto e aperto, che ha colto tanti aspetti profondi del cuore dell’esperienza di Cometa.
“The Loving Place for Children That Assumes Beauty”
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Questo articolo è stato pubblicato il 1 Maggio 2018, a pagina A27 dell’edizione di New York con il titolo: The Place That Assumes Beauty.

Cometa on @nytimes today! @nytdavidbrooks, amazingly sharp journalist, caught many deep aspects that lie at the heart of the Cometa experience.

The Loving Place for Children That Assumes Beauty

COMO, Italy — Some of the people who do the most good have a willingness to be radically changed. They are sensitive to the problems around them, which a lot of us are, but they are also willing to transform their lives to address them, which a lot of us don’t consider. I met many such people at a place here in northern Italy called Cometa.

Thirty-five years ago, the two Figini brothers, Erasmo and Innocente, were living in Como with their wives, Serena and Marina. Erasmo was a famous fabric designer. Innocente was a prominent eye surgeon. They were successful, but along with their wives, spiritually unfulfilled, unable to understand the meaning of the suffering they saw and felt.

Erasmo went to see a renowned priest, Father Luigi Giussani, who saw faith not as an intellectual system, but as an encounter with beauty, a love story. Erasmo returned to his wife and reported: “God exists. I have met someone who is a witness to his reality.” Serena was intrigued: Erasmo was the last person you’d call religious. But eventually both couples met with Giussani and all found faith.

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