Sports Association

Cometa Sports Association is a spin off of Cometa Association, an organization born in 1987 and committed to welcome and educate children and young people and to support their families.

The Sports Association started operating in 2002, based on the idea that sport is a functional instrument of people’s education and growth.

Sport activities are a means of bringing out and developing each child’s potential.

This will allow him to be aware of his own dignity and fully experience the extraordinary adventure of building his own personality.

Personalized educational and technical journeys

Physical activity is a powerful way to express oneself and sport, especially team sports, encourages the creation and growth of adults’ and young people’s friendly relationships.

Following this main vision, the Association also carries out initiatives destined to respond to the needs of minors who live in difficult family situations by proposing individual or group educational journeys through physical activity.

Qualified trainers follow the children in these personalized educational and technical journeys.

Sports association – 2013-2014 statistics

8    teams for football or five-a-side

120 enrolled athletes

40  technician, coaches and directors

20  amateur players

160 adults and young participants to the “Cometa’s 12 hours” tournament

200 young people involved in the Cometa Cup- Mundialito Escuela

100 adults and young participants to the “Cometa Summer Cup” competition


PRESIDENTE: Erasmo Figini
VICE PRESIDENTE: Andrea Polizzotto


SEGRETARIO: Eugenio Cremona  

SEDE: Via Madruzza, 36 – 22100 Como
PH: +39 031 520717
FAX: +39 031 5004633