Cometa Formazione, through the Oliver Twist School, offers:

  • Vocational training courses for young people of compulsory school age and customized technical training to prepare them to enter the job market
  • Professional training courses for those who, although they have qualified and are in possession of a school leaver certificate, have difficulty in finding a job.

Cometa Formazione is a social cooperative, operating in the field of professional training and job hunting. It is a social entity that is part of the Cometa Group, active in Como since 1986, a natural evolution of their fostering experience.

Training and development options

The Oliver Twist School of Cometa Formazione offers a variety of training and development options to children in compulsory school age (DDIF – Children’s rights and duties to be educated and developed) and to young people or adults, through training courses and orientation activities to enter the job market.

All options combine traditional in classroom training with apprenticeship and work experiences to introduce the participants to the job market.

4 school-workshops

Cometa Formazione’s commitment has inspired the creation of the Contrada degli Artigiani (Craftsmen’s District), a cooperative where the children come in contact with expert artisans who teach them their crafts, still considered a true form of art. The cooperative currently accommodate four school-workshops teaching carpentry, home furnishing, restoration and design, designed to train and prepare the young people to the job market.


The Oliver Twist School educates through the appreciation of beauty and therefore has a structure consistent with the educational project.

It is ISO 14001 certified. This environmental certification provides a management system to help organisations reduce the environmental impact of their activities. It is meant to systematically research and improve the quality of the controls in a consistent and effective manner.

The construction of the new building included:

• an eco-design project for the school furniture range
• applications and systems for the rational use of energy and resources
• the use of techonology to control consumption

Training spaces

The school also provides training spaces for group activities and specialized laboratories used for training in working mode.
The classrooms are designed as workshops, a space managed by each teacher, with the view to facilitate the students’ acquisition of knowledge through practical experiences.
All spaces are equipped with an interactive whiteboard and some are equipped with specific laboratory equipment.


  • Digital Lab for special machining (CAD  for textile and wood, graphics, etc.).
  • Carpentry workshop
  • Patisserie, ice cream making, baking workshops and bar
  • Teaching Restaurant
  • Multi-purpose room for events, meetings, activities and conferences (equipped with all services)
  • Library
  • Teaching Gardens
  • Parking

There are also the following facilities:

  • Multidisciplinary and multipurpose external activities field (Football, Basketball, Volleyball ) and well equipped changing rooms
  • Textile and chemical laboratories and gym at the Technical Institute ” Paolo Carcano ” Como
  • A school workshop at the Contrada degli Artigiani, in Como.




Educators, parents and teachers, face every day the childrens’ lack of interest towards learning and often also towards any kind of commitment. Our challenge is to instill in them a passion for learning.
To talk about the schooling problem is critical, especially for those who have left school without any prospect of finding a job.

Cometa intervenes in situations of children dropping out of school or having learning difficulties, often caused by personal, family or social difficulties.In these specific situations, negative thinking and acting is more pronounced, the downwards spiral of failures progressively reinforces the negative self image.

The Oliver Twist School of Cometa was founded in 2003 to find solutions to the growing problem of early school leavers and to prevent the phenomenon of school dropouts.


In 2009 the new headquarters were inaugurated, currently offering a variety of educational qualification and combining higher education with the acquisition of appropriate technical and vocatonal skills.

It is also prepares student to the job market he or she will enter when completing the study program.

The opening of the school was possible thanks to the cooperation with the Fondazione Oliver Twist of Kairos , which has contributed not only from an economic point of view, but also with the design and construction of the facilities, the drafting of the financial plan, the search for other supporters and the activation of international partnerships with other non- profit leaders in the industry.

The school is designed to provide educational opportunities that take proper account of the relational, affective, cognitive and behavioral aspects, combining the educational process with the learning of the appropriate technical training instruments.


Cometa Formazione

SEDE: Via Madruzza, 36 – 22100 Como
TEL: +39 031 520717
FAX: +39 031 2757455