Education gives a meaning to life, therefore it is not a mere word, but it is an experience.

It represents the communication of oneself, of our own way of relating to reality. Pier Paolo Pasolini argued that “If someone has educated you, he or she has educated you with his or her whole being”.

The problem of education involves first and foremost the adults, because from them depends whether young people find their way to the future. Only if adults engage with the reality in its totality, they have the chance to communicate a meaning. A journey through life is not a collection of speeches and words, but a life that communicates with adequate reasonings.

Cometa’s experience relies on the principle that fostering is to educate, with particular attention to children temporarily removed from their families.


Children removed from their family of origin by an order of the Juvenile Court, may be fostered within the Cometa Association’s network of families: a group of families who, over time, have given their availability to receive children in their own homes.

For each child who is fostered, an agreement is made with the Social Services and an individual development plan defined.  A specialist team within Cometa Association supervises the progress over time of the individual plans, always in cooperation with the Social Services.


The Association’s network of families can give immediate reception to children and babies who are awaiting adoption. This can also happen in cases of particular urgency which are referred by the judicial authorities or the social services.

Regardless of the duration of the fostering experience, a stable family environment is critical:  it allows the child to experience a loving relationship that will form the basis for the future development of his or her personality


The Cometa Association offers practical help to families with children and to single-parent households. In accordance with the Social Services, immediately after school, these children are welcomed in Cometa,  where they find the warmth of a home and an educational environment where they can grow, thanks to the presence of both the families and the professional educators. Children who spend the day at Cometa, are helped with their homework and go back home after dinner. In this way the Association operates in terms of prevention, often avoiding the removal of children from their natural families.

Leading to adoption

Babies 0 to 24 months old, can be accepted in Cometa Association’s network of families, when waiting for the Juvenile Court to certify the state of abandonment of the child.

Once the Court declares the state of adoptability of the child and after the adoptive family is selected, the Association, in cooperation with the Social Services and with the support of the educational staff, leads to the gradual integration of the child in the new familiar context.


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