Services to the families

Cometa is a network of families committed to foster, educate and develop children and young people and to support their families.

It is a place, a “city within a city”, where children and young people are encouraged to appreciate the meaning and beauty of life whilst sharing everyday experiences and where the families are helped and supported in their education efforts. The driving force is the passion for their own and others’ life, the absolute conviction that education is a fundamental experience for young and adults alike. The fostering experience, which means being welcomed and accepted as an individual, is the source for the ignition of people’s emotional and cognitive energies.

Cometa’s experience remains true to its origins: families who opened their hearts and homes to children and young people in distress. Cometa, in all further developments, maintains its home dimension, a place where people are welcomed and accepted for what they are, in families who recognize them as a value and find ways to fulfil it.

Cometa has always invested in the personalization of each journey; the unique and excellent characteristics of each individual exclude the application of coded and experimented protocols. It is exactly what happens in a family that accepts and brings up each child according to his unique and specific qualities, always looking for ways to best develop him, without denying themselves, their values and education method.

At the heart of this articulated and dynamic entity there is the experience of the families, who in 1992 went to live in the Cometa enclosure and began to foster in their homes children and young people in need by welcoming them in an environment that offers them great opportunities for growth and development. Over the years many other families have approached Cometa and have followed the example of the pioneers; some of them have spontaneously given their availability to foster children by taking turn with other families. The creation of this network has increased the families’ ability to respond to the fostering needs and at the same time has provided continuity and quality. All of this has been possible because the families have freely chosen to coordinate themselves within the association and to collaborate with the social services to achieve a common goal and to provide adequate support systems.

Promoting the fostering experience and the families network

The Cometa Association organizes monthly meetings to promote fostering as an opportunity to build families and to allow interested parties to debate and compare experiences in fostering.

Courses on fostering

The Association organizes courses to prepare to the fostering experience supported by professionals (psychologist, psychotherapist, legal counsel, social services operator, educator) and by the testimonials of existing foster families.

Families support

The Association supports the foster families during the whole time the children are in their care and, wherever possible, they support also the original families of the foster children with the objective of reintegrating them.

All of this is achieved in synergy with the Social Services.

A place for the families to be heard and share experiences

Many of the foster families have expressed the need to have a place where they can discuss and acquire better competencies and knowledge on the educational problems linked to bringing up children.

As well as the professional support, there is a place where entire families or single individuals can ask questions and compare experiences.

Support to parenthood and family care

The association is a place where the parents can ask questions related to parenthood and how to deal with the generation gap.

Finally, in situation where the parents are separated, in collaboration with the Social Services, the Association works to recreate and/or maintain the child’s relationship with one of both parents.


SUPERVISOR: Maria Grazia Figini

ADDRESS: Via Madruzza, 36 – 22100 Como
PH: +39 031 520717
MAIL: associazione.cometa@puntocometa.org