In 1987 two couples, Innocente and Marina, Erasmo and Serena, with their existing families, opened their hearts and homes to a child in distress: this is how the first fostering experience began.

From one encounter to another, a network of hosting families has developed and they, joining their efforts, created Cometa Associazione.

At the same time the fostering day care also starts: every day, after school, a hundred of children are in Cometa where a team of educators and teachers helps them to study and do their homework, but they can also experience sports, especially as an opportunity to crate spirit.

Cometa Education was established in 2003 to give an opportunity to those young people  who left school with no prospects of finding a job, offering them a formula to regain trust and education through the “intelligence of the hands“.

In 2009 the new OLIVER TWIST SCHOOL’s headquarters were opened. They were built thanks to the cooperation with the Kairos Foundation Oliver Twist, where all the training activities for adults and children of Cometa Formazione where transferred.

Cometa’s commitment in educating to provide a trade, in 2012 gave birth to a social cooperative, the CRAFTSMEN’s CONTRADA, which allows young people to come into contact with experienced craftsmen.

These craftmen pass on their skils and teach them a trade, often creating true art forms. The cooperative currently has four teaching workshops for carpentry, upholstery, restoration and design.

Today, with the ever increasing number of applicants to the school,  the educational model has been renewed. This formula allows the reallocation of classrooms and laboratories for specific subjects and projects.
In September 2014 the International Academy of tourism and hospitality  - IATH will be inaugurated,  opening for Cometa future further opportunities in the European Union.