Cometa’s committed to foster, educate and develop children and young people in general and to support their families.

Cometa’s the place where children and young people are encouraged to appreciate the meaning and beauty of life while sharing everyday experiences and where the families are helped and supported in their educational efforts.

Cometa’s passion for education and commitment to its cause has been the driving force behind the development of many initiatives that respond to the needs of an ever-growing number of children and young people.


  • To promote young people’s harmonious growth and development
  • To encourage the expression of each individual talent and capacity through study, knowledge and experience
  • To offer support of a young person’s academic growth and to prevent school dropout 
  • To foster young people’s development through the acquisition of specific competencies, supported by workshops and work experiences to initiate them in their chosen trade.



  • Daily and residential fostering services, emergency shelter
  • Support centre for students and orientation services
  • Legal, counselling and family reconciliation services
  • Vocational development and support to prevent high levels of school dropout
  • Sport and summer activities
  • Advice for job security
  • Training courses for adults in employment, out of work and unemployed.


5        families are living in the community, with a total of 14 of their own children and 24 foster children
105    children and young people are attending the day centre
60      families are participating in the welcoming of children
105    children and young people are involved in the activities of the after-school program
1000  minors have recovered the motivation to study and attend school with specific orientation courses for secondary school

300    children’s families in total have been supported by Cometa in a continuous fashion
180    young people have followed the professional courses offered
250    companies have been involved in the school’s educational courses
200    volunteers are supporting the school’s activities
250    donors have helped to maintain the activities
2000   people participated in the school’s inauguration ceremony on 19th of September 2009
8000   people have visitied Cometa in the last year


In 1987 two couples, Innocente and Marina, Erasmo and Serena, with their existing families, opened their hearts and homes to a child in distress: this is how the first fostering experience began.

From one encounter to another, a network of hosting families has developed and they, joining their efforts, created Cometa Associazione. Continue reading